Indoor Vegetable Gardening Systems – Top 9 for Freshest Veg

Indoor gardening is a growing trend, but it can be intimidating to get started.

Between choosing a space, creating a plan, and learning the basics of vegetable gardening, it can be stressful.

At the same time, it’s fun and rewarding if you can be patient and learn as you go!

Who wouldn’t want to grow nice fresh vegetables in their own kitchen?

Indoor vegetable garden systems can add a whole new dimension to your indoor garden, and they are portable, which means you can take them with you if you ever move to a new home.

Let’s look at the top 9 indoor vegetable garden systems that will help you grow the freshest and most delicious vegetables time and time again!

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.

Gertrude Jekyll

If you’re in a hurry, here are the top 2 indoor vegetable gardening systems based on best value price, features and results:

Let’s take a look at all the top indoor vegetable gardening systems in more detail, what you can expect and what you can grow.

G Taste Hydroponics Garden System

The 12 pod G Taste indoor garden vegetable and herb system is really easy to put together.

The base and top unit already come pre-built (no fiddly screws or flatpack style). Simply connect the 24-watt LED top unit into the base using the supplied stand, and you’re ready to go!

Not only functional but it looks stylish too.

The height of the LED lamp is adjustable, so you can amplify the light directed at your vegetables and herbs or move it further away as desired.

Aesthetics aside, let’s look at practicalities.

It gives you the option of growing up to 12 vegetables at any one time, as it comes with a blue light mode. It also works well for growing flowers, fruit, and herbs too.

Results are impressive but coupled with the stylish design it makes this system really stand out – for the better!

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System

Moistenland make several different types of indoor gardening systems. This is their Z202 model.

It is more compact than the G Taste model, but still manages to hold 12 pods.

It offers 22-watts of grow lights and includes the blue mode for growing vegetables. It also has one of the largest water tanks of the indoor vegetable garden systems on this list – and you can hold up to 4 liters.

4 liters is of course heavy, so if you do move this around often make sure you do not overfill with water to the point it makes it too heavy to carry.

Replacements sponges (packs of 50) are relatively low cost too.

The wood affect LED light top unit looks good too and would work well aesthetically with a similar wood top kitchen surface.

A capable unit allowing you to grow fruit, herbs, veggies, and flowers.

Mingwell Hydroponics Growing System 12 Pods

Although the Mingwell Hyroponics system has a ‘plasticky’ feel to it, it does feel well put together.

Just like the G Taste and Moistenland, it does provide space for 12 pods to grow at the same time.

At 36-watts it’s a little more powerful than some of the other indoor vegetable systems on this list, which may suit some growers more.

The adjustable LED light unit allowing you to bring the grow light closer or further away is a nice touch, not only based on what you are growing but also as your vegetables grow.

It’s easy to use with touch buttons on top of the top unit, which allow you to set automatic timers for the grow lights across 8 and 16 hours. It’s nice to look at, easy to function and works well. A nice indoor vegetable growing system that will look great in anyone’s kitchen.

VegeBox Indoor Herb Garden

The VegeBox Indoor Garden is a great starter unit for beginners.

It’s smaller and more compact than the other systems we have seen so far but would be great if you are small on space.

It’s easy to put together. It can be assembled in less than a minute after unpacking from the box.

It has 9 soil free pods that can be used to grow herbs, vegetables such as lettuce and peppers, fruit and flowers, and a rotating LED light unit that can be adjusted as things start to grow.

Although the LED light head is adjustable, it isn’t the same as the adjustable LED tops on the other systems, as these move up and down, whereas the Vegebox light is on a hinge, so swings from horizontal to vertical, but can be fixed in any position as it swings.

The water tank holds 1.2 liters, so may need to be filled more regularly than the other systems (the Moistenland holds 4 liters) but of course is more expensive.

If you’re after a small indoor vegetable system, and a good brand, then the VegeBox may be ideal for you.

GrowLED 10 Pod Indoor Garden Kit

The GrowLED 10 Pod is another compact indoor vegetable gardening system on the list.

This one has two rows of five pods, giving a total of 10 pods to grow from – which is one more pod than the usual compact growing systems which usually have three rows of three pods.

It also has a huge 4-liter water tank. This is really big considering many of the compact systems have between 1 to 2-liter tanks. Even the larger more expensive units do not usually hold this much water on average, so this is a bonus.

It may make it heavier to move around, but if it’s going to be fixed in one place on a kitchen countertop then it just means it won’t need to be refilled as often.

This system allows you to either grow with soil or hydroponics, so does add some flexibility compared with other models and brands.

Although it’s a compact the top light unit is adjustable up and down, which again is a nice benefit.

As well as the usual automatic timer, and smart design, it’s a really good option – and why it’s our budget choice!

LYKO 12Pods Indoor Herb Garden

The LKYO sits nicely between the larger brand systems, and the compact designs as it attempts to squeeze 12 pods into a smaller unit.

The price point often sits nicely in between too.

First, set up is simple. It can be put together in less than 2 minutes. It feels sturdy enough, certainly study enough to grow vegetables.

Considering the size, it holds up to 4 liters of water, which is impressive.

It’s a hydroponic model, so there’s no need for soil. This at least saves things getting a little messy. It also comes with two bottles of plant food, which is nice bonus considering the price point.

The top LED light lid is adjustable and the type that moves up and down, giving you a clear 21 inches of growing space.

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

The iDOO Hydroponics Growing System has one of the smallest number of pods in the list, with 7 individual pods for growing vegetables, but it has been included for other reasons.

It’s considered a compact unit but does have a height adjusting, up and down movement, LED light head.

It has 24-watts of growing light power helping your vegetables take really take off, and like many of this list is a hydroponic system, meaning no soil needed.

The selling point of this system is the lengths iDOO have gone through to make sure this isn’t too disturbing in terms of noise levels.

They call it the ‘No Noise At Night in Sleep Mode’ mode. A bit of a mouthful, but some pumps can be heard in the silence of the night, but for 12 hours the pump stops and then carries on for the following 12 hours every 5 minutes.

There are lots of veggies that can be grown using the iDOO Hydroponics system including salad greens, mint, parsley and peppers.

Lashahope Hydroponics 12 Pod Growing System

The Lashahope Hydroponics system is one of the largest in this list thanks to its huge 6.5-liter water tank.

The largest water tank of any on this list.

It has a specific vegetable growing mode, which works as an automatic 16 hours on and 8 hours off, allowing you to grow peppers, lettuce, spinach, kale, and lots more.

It’s easy to set up, has lots of settings and features and the rising LED light head allows it to be extended as your vegetables and plants grow – up to 15 inches.

What can you grow in an indoor vegetable garden?

Mint, cilantro, peppers, oregano, kale, lettuce, spinach, tarragon, basil and chives are all vegetables that can be grown in an indoor vegetable garden. Many vegetables can be grown together based on the number of pods.

As well as vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers can also be grown in an indoor vegetable garden although often system settings require one of the types to be grown at any one time.

How does an indoor vegetable gardening system work?

After initial setup, the sponges should be soaked in water, placed inside a pod and the seed or seeds inserted. The water tank should be filled to the maximum allowed and any nutrient should be added. Power up the indoor vegetable garden system and choose the right setting for the items grown.

Are indoor vegetable systems educational?

Indoor vegetable systems are very educational. They are fun and simple to use and although should be carried out under supervision, they can be a great learning tool for children to learn and understand how vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers are grown.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening Systems – In Conclusion

These are a great idea for those with small or no gardens.

Growing vegetables at home is not only fun and rewarding, but practical too.

They look great on any kitchen work surface and can help grow a number of fresh veg.

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